Your Baldpate Favorites To Go

     Perfect for your hiking adventure, picnic in the park or to enjoy Baldpate at home!

     You may come inside to pick up or drive up to our ramp and we will bring it right out to you.

      Call us at 970.227.8787 to place your order.

$ 15.00     Hiker’s Lunch  (conveniently packaged in our reusable lunch bag)

    Handmade Wrap (Turkey, Ham or Hummus),  Baby Carrots,  Chips, Apple, Cookies and Juice 

$ 8.00      Baldpate’s signature homemade Soup with Cornbread  

    Each day we prepare two homemade soups, generally a hearty stew or chili and a lighter option which is often vegetarian or gluten free. Ask when you call or check our daily blog to see today’s two soup options.

$ 8.00      Slice of our scrumptious homemade Pie

    Cherry, Peach, Rhubarb, Pecan, Chocolate Creme, Swedish Apple and our diabetic friendly Blueberry.  Order early for best availability!

$ 40.00   Baldpate Extravaganza for Two 

   Fresh Apple salad, generous 16 oz portions of each of our daily two Soups,  a Loaf of our signature Honey Wheat Bread, two slices of your favorite Baldpate Pie.  Start to finish ready for you!

$ 7.00     Loaf of homemade Baldpate Honey Wheat Bread

$ 50.00     Whole Pie (for best selection, order the day before)

Call 970.227.8787 now to place your order.

We look forward to sharing our special deliciousness with you!