Salary:               Starting pay $500 per month + Housing & Food  valued at $850 per month + tips

Hours:              Approximately  40  hours per week

*Note: Because this is an on call position there may be times that you are required to work other than routine schedules.

Various shifts depend on work assignment: beginning from 7 am to 3 pm  and ending from  3 pm to close (approximately 11 pm)

(Includes 30-minute meal break and two 15-minute rest breaks daily)

Days:            Option A    6 days each week, 6 1/2 hour shifts   Option B  5 days each week, 8 hour shifts

Staff Meeting:   You will be required to attend the weekly staff meeting at 7:30 pm each Sunday night (approximately 1 hour)


Perform specific duties as listed on each shift position checklist, including:

Server: do prep as directed by cook, serve guests, reset, clean.

Kit Assistant/Salad Bar:  do prep as directed by cook, maintain Salad Bar

Dishwasher: wash & put away dishes & utensils, assist cook as needed, oversee kitchen sound system, maintenance duties as needed.

Housekeeper: clean common areas & rooms, laundry, maintenance.


Must be able to read & follow instructions.

Must be able to lift & carry up to 50 pounds for a distance of 20 feet.

Must be able to stand at work for up to 4 hours.

Must be able to climb stairs unassisted.

Must be able to communicate effectively in the English language.


Must be able to maintain a professional attitude in all contact with guests and staff. We have very specific high quality standards that must be maintained at all times.

A clean neat appearance is required at all times.  Uniform shirts will be provided for dining room shifts.

Lateness is not tolerated. Consequences for lateness is that you will stay after regular work schedule, twice as long as you were late.

The use of illegal drugs, marijauna or alcohol on duty will be grounds for immediate dismissal.  Baldpate Inn is a non-smoking facility and marijauna free zone  for both staff and guests. Use of or possession of marijuana is prohibited on Baldpate property.

No form of sexual harassment will be tolerated, including the use of rude abusive language or actions.

We operate using the “Golden Rule.”   Treat others as kindly as you wish to be treated.

Your job position at The Baldpate Inn is to be considered your primary employment.  Any consideration for additional part-time employment must be first cleared with Lois.