Salary:               Starting pay as agreed + Housing & Food valued at $700 per month

Hours:              Minimum of 48 hours per week

*Note: Because this is a salaried management position there may be times that you are required to work other than routine schedules.

Days:               6 days each week

Staff Meeting:   You will be required to attend the weekly staff meeting at 7:30 pm each Sunday night (approximately 1 hour) and weekly management team meetings as scheduled.


Oversee all front of house operations for B&B, Museum and Key-thedral Theater

Ensure highest quality of service is provided to all our guests.

Ensure each employee is treated with respect and all possible fairness.

Maintain operations consistent with written procedures as established in Hotel Manager’s Position Guide.

Responsible for all Housekeeping and Maintenance in common & guest rooms.

Responsible for proper accounting of all cash/credit transactions.

Working with co-managers, responsible for set up and coordination for all Key-thedral Theater Events

Coordinate with Lois to immediately address all B&B and museum customer service issues.

Coordinate with co-managers to schedule and evaluate all staff.

Maintain inventory and prepare purchase orders for Gift Shop items.

Monitor all relevant social media resources, customer feedback and surveys.

Keep Lois up to date with operations, issues and concerns.

As part of the management team, Develop & Coordinate promotions which enhance guest experience, encourage team building and provide financial gain for our business


Must exhibit an appropriate attitude of hospitality with all clientele.

Must be able to effectively communicate with Lois and to subordinates & peers.

Must be honest.

Must be able to read and follow directions.

Must be familiar with basic computer use.

Must be able to stand at work for up to 4 hours.

Must be able to understand and maintain basic cash procedures, accounting and inventory records.


It is to be understood that you will follow set procedures in detail.  We have very specific high quality standards that must be maintained at all times.

A clean neat appearance is required at all times.

Lateness is not tolerated.

The use of illegal drugs, marijauna or alcohol on duty will be grounds for immediate dismissal.  Baldpate  Inn is a non-smoking facility and marijauna free zone  for both staff and guests.

No form of sexual harassment will be tolerated, including the use of rude abusive language or actions.

We operate using the “Golden Rule.”    Treat others as kindly as you wish to be treated.

Your job position at The Baldpate Inn is to be considered your primary employment.  Any consideration for additional part-time employment must be first cleared with Lois.