Hello Bookclub members,

Just imagine you graduate from Harvard, get fired from your job, munch peanut brittle as you write and sell your first book. That very book brings you national fame and enables you to marry your sweetheart! 

Such is the fascinating background that surrounds our enchanting namesake …..

Seven Keys to Baldpate                         the book,  the movies, the magic

 The Baldpate Inn is delighted to especially invite your group to consider our

2019 Seven Keys Book Club Mystery Package   $40

 The Book      Seven Keys to Baldpate,  your own copy

The Movies & Magic      Dinner with Movie & Discussion at The Baldpate Inn

 In this mysterious, melodramatic caper, a best selling author plans to win a bet by writing a novel in less than 24 hours. Seeking solitude, he goes to a summer resort in the dead of winter but his stay at the Baldpate Inn is interrupted by a steady stream of visitors…each bearing “the only key to the Baldpate in existence”. Crooked politicians, bribe money, blackmail, true love, betrayal, double cross, a reporter’s news scoop, and a friendly wager collide. Each version just slightly different, the book, the play, the movies

Packages available     June – September

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